Stick Yo Self


Create custom stickers from selfies

Using the Stick Yo Self messages extension, you can take a selfie, add a filter custom border, text, and even stamp on emoji to make the perfect sticker — all without leaving the messages app. If you want to make a sticker from a photo you've already taken, or save a sticker to your your camera roll, just open up the regular app instead. The app and messages extension are purchased on the app store together, and all your stickers will appear both places.

Meme Yo Self

deal with it bunny

Use the "Meme" text option to add meme styled text to your stickers.


sticker shapes

Choose from over 20 sticker shapes, some bordered, some borderless.

Filter Yo Self

stamp sticker

Eight high quality image filters to choose from.**

*Release date subject to change based on App Store approval and other factors

**Number subject to increase